Thursday, December 13, 2007

Killin' Time

While waiting for this little girl to come, I've been getting caught up on some things that I've put on the back burner. A while back, I bought some new curtains for our "office." I put a picture up about a year ago. Anyways, when I bought them I bought 3 total, because at some point, I wanted to make matching pillow shams out of the same fabric.

Then, about a month or so ago, I was flipping through a Pottery Barn catalog, and saw these awesome Christmas-y pillow shams, but they were WAY out of my budget. Aren't they cool though?

So I decided I would find some kind of vintage Christmas-y fabric, and make some pillow shams of my own, for a fraction of the price. I found the perfect fabric - all that was left was to make them!

I don't know if it's the nesting that comes to women right before they go into labor, but today was a sewing day for me. And I don't sew that often, so when I say a sewing day, I mean it - these little pillow shams took forever!! But I finally got the hang of it, and I'm really proud of my work.

I started with the green ones. The first one I did was okay...not perfect, but definitely acceptable. I figured no one will ever look really closely at something like this, so it was okay to not be too anal about it. The second one was very much improved.

By the time I was making the Christmas ones, I was really proud of my work! I even had straight seams!

I just copied the shams that I already had instead of using a pattern. I've tried using patterns in the past with no luck.

Now that I'm more confident than I ever have been before in my sewing, I feel inspired. I might try to make a Christmas stocking for the little one with some of the same fabric. I do love that fabric!


  1. nice! you did a great job. my sewing machine sits there and stares at me. i need more patience i guess!

  2. mine doesn't stare at me, because i have it locked away in a closet. i seriously only sew like twice a year, because i get so frustrated with it. but it went really well yesterday, so we're back on speaking terms.

  3. Cute pillows! You may just inspire me to get busy on my pillow project that has been hanging over my head for awhile now.

  4. tinkastinka10:56 AM

    yay for cuteness... i mean titally. those are superb!

  5. yo' real mama4:05 AM

    I am soooo impressed! These look even better than PB's because of the flange. Excellent job, Suzy Homemaker!!