Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun in the Park

A couple from church that live here in San Pedro told us about this really nice park that's near us. I've been taking Kendall to it, but Grant's never been. So, Sunday afternoon we decided to go.

A nice feature of the park is this kind of canal that has ducks and geese. I'm not sure what the park people are doing with it, but only a small section has water in it. Hopefully the whole thing will have water soon, because that will only make it nicer.

Anyways, Kendall LOVES the ducks! She'll just stand and watch them for the longest time. There's also these squirrels that basically come right up to you begging for food that Kendall loves to watch.

There's also a nice gazebo at this park, that's sometimes used for weddings. From here, you get a pretty good view of the port.

And then there's me, in all my brattiness, refusing to smile for a picture.

Honestly, there's no real point to this post. I just thought it was time for an update.


  1. You look adorable pregnant lady...despite your lack of smile. And, there doesn't have to be a reason for an update! Look at me who manages to fill an "update" a day with nothing to say! Grandparents would revolt if I didn't.

  2. Yay! Belly shots, belly shots! :o) Which park is that? It doesn't look familiar to me, and with all that good shade, I'm thinking I should add it to my rotation.

  3. I'm with Rachel, us grammies need all the info we can get! This is a beautiful place, I can see why Kendall loves it!

  4. yeah, melissa, you and mookie should definitely go. it's averill park at 14th & dodson. in fact, i've wanted to go with y'all, but the times we've gone have been so random and spur of the moment.

  5. Cute pregnant belly!

  6. tinka stinka7:17 PM

    nice. you look p@*!ed