Monday, September 21, 2009

The Beach and Dancing

We went to this beach about a week ago - it's called Crystal Cove State Park, and it's in between Laguna and Newport Beach. It's absolutely beautiful there! We had a great time, and Kendall's really turning into quite the California/beach girl. She loves it. She used to be somewhat afraid of the waves and the water, but this time, she was all about it. Grant asked if he should try to take her in the water, and I told him I didn't think she'd like it, but he could always try. I was so wrong - she didn't want to come out!! Even with pretty good sized waves crashing on them, she just absolutely loved it!

Anyways, here's some pics...

After the beach, we headed to Pei Wei in Newport Beach. We're pretty obsessed with Pei Wei (see this post from a couple of years ago), and if you became a "fan" of theirs on Facebook, and signed this petition, you could get a coupon to get their new Ramen dish for free. So, of course, we did that. We picked going to the Newport location, because they had this really cool Coke fountain that we heard about. Since we were in that area already, to us, it was a no-brainer to go there.

We enjoyed the free meal, we enjoyed the cool computerized Coke fountain (they had some pretty interesting drinks), and Kendall enjoyed the music.


  1. Isn't Pei Wei a branch of P.F. Changs? I've never been to a Pei Wei but lov changs.
    My girl likes to dance too. Maybe a little too much??? :)

  2. beth, yes it's like "cheap pf chang's." they only have noodle and rice bowls and salads, but it's the same kind of flavor as pf chang's, so i'm sure y'all would like it.

  3. Love the beach pictures! Kendall is getting so big!