Friday, October 23, 2009


There comes a point in (probably) every woman's pregnancy, when she thinks she's going to be pregnant forever. That's where I am right now. And I want to make it clear that I'm not saying that in a complaining kind of a way. I'm saying it in the surreal kind of way - like, I can't imagine not being pregnant. But that could and will all change any time now.

Now, a week ago, I would've totally said it in a complaining kind of a way. I was stressing about so many things that were going on, and I just wanted this baby OUT! But then I went to my mom's group Bible study on Wednesday (I almost didn't go - I'm so glad I changed my mind). We're going through Beth Moore's study of Esther. This particular week, Beth was talking about God's timing. She said something that really stuck out to me - it was something to the effect of, we shouldn't wait on the thing, we should wait on God. She even mentioned waiting for a baby to come! I mean, was she talking directly to me, or what?

This was something that I was really struggling with. And I would openly admit it to anyone who asked.

So being at that study on Wednesday....well, I just really needed to hear it. I can honestly say that right now, 8 days after my due date, I'm totally fine with whatever timing God has for this little girl.


  1. Trina9:14 PM

    So glad for your peace. Been praying for you. God's timing is always best! Love you!