Wednesday, October 07, 2009


October is really turning out to be a bittersweet month for us.

The sweet part, is that very, very soon, we'll have a new addition to our family. And that's really exciting!

But we have two bitter parts of October that we won't soon forget. The first is something that happened 2 years ago today.

Our very dear friend, Brent, died unexpectedly. By the time I had found out, it was after midnight - I had been in Pensacola for the weekend, and Grant didn't want to tell me sooner, so I wouldn't be an absolute wreck on the plane. So he told me when I got home.

I'm so glad that I can still remember what Brent's voice sounds like, and remember word-for-word some of the things that he said, and I can laugh outloud to those things, as if he were standing in front of me, saying them for the first time. He was an amazing guy, and he left behind an incredibly amazing family.

When we moved into this house, we propped up a funny picture of him on our little upstairs overhang, and it hasn't moved since. We look at it every day and remember our very good friend.

If you have a minute, please read his wife's blog - it will be a blessing to you, I promise.

The second bitter thing that happened in October, is Grant's brother passing away. We still have a couple of weeks for the anniversary of that, so I'll wait and give him his own post.

With both of these losses that we remember this month, there is a peace to it, because I know where they went after they died - and not because they were "good people", but because they were followers of Christ. And that's such a comfort to me...because as hard as it is to think that we'll never hear their voice again, or see them again on this earth (and it is very hard), I can rejoice that they are with Christ, and that we will see them again someday.


  1. oh Kelly - I love thinking about the things he would say and how laugh out loud funny he was! thanks for your post! it means so much to me that you would share this with the world! you mean so much! i miss you DEARLY! and you to YO!!

  2. How precious that the Lord has given you a reason to look forward to this difficult month. We will be praying for you guys as you anticipate your new little blessing and also go through these tough anniversaries.
    I love the pictures. They always crack me up just looking at them.

  3. OMG! I can't believe it's been a year since Ryan died. That's when I started reading your blog. Sorry it was something like that that made us "reconnect" but glad we can keep up with each other.

  4. ok - just looked at the pics again! and what is with always having to be throwing food while we were dining out! weren't we grown ups?

  5. no, we weren't adults - but i liked it that way! :)

  6. October is a bitter sweet month for the Haas family as well. I will be praying for you all!