Thursday, October 01, 2009

It's October!

Wow...this pregnancy has just flown by! I can't believe it's October, and the baby will be here before we know it!

Anyways, now's the time to take a guess as to when the baby will be here. As far as the due date goes, I've always said it was the 17th, because that's the date I was given by the first doctor I went to. But my current doctor says it's the 15th. So why don't we just cut it down the middle for this little game and say it's the 16th, okay?

Also, since we're still pretty clueless about a name for this little girl, feel free to put in any name suggestions. We need a first and a middle this time (last time, even though we didn't have a first name, we knew the middle would be Elizabeth). Thanks.


  1. I think your lucky day will be October 19th and for girl names I tried to talk Neal into Caitlyn and Kayleigh (obviously Paige fits Paige much better) but these two are still on my favorites list :-)

    Good luck with everything, call if you need anything!! We cannot wait to meet the little bundle when she decides to make her apperance!!

  2. I think October 12th Columbus Day sounds like a good day for baby Spear to be born. I would suggest a name but as a child my dolls names where Plastic Baby - made of all plastic, and Green Baby - whose body was made of green cloth. My teddy bears were Marcia and Gregg named after my aunt and uncle who gave them to me. Needless to say I lack a little creativity and Andy chose Dane.
    I could maybe pick out a good Indian name like Squeaky Baby :o)

  3. I'm sorry, I didn't think there was any question. Her name should be Summer (to go with Kendall). I thought we had all agreed on this.

    Due date will have to be Halloween, er, um I mean, Reformation day. That way you can keep with the holiday/birthday theme. And labor will be really fun if everyone is wearing costumes.

    That said, I'm SO excited for you!!!

  4. tinkhomie5:58 PM

    how about ellise? or elsie.

  5. I'm thinking you'll have her late, like Kendall, but not too late so you can maximize your mom's time here. Soooo, I'll say October 20th.
    As for a name, howzabout...Olivia Ruth. (Gosh this is tough!)
    And, when are ya gonna post early and late preggo pictures? I mean, the world has a right to know, right?? :o) You did it when you were pregnant with Kendall...

  6. That's so funny that you posted this because just today I was thinking that I can't believe you are due this month! I went late with Joey and early with Hannah so I'm going to guess October 10th. Too bad we didn't think to squeeze in a last park date. Oh well!

  7. I am with Megan and NOT Summer! what is Summer thinking with the Hallo - um, I mean, Reformation Day date? Ok well she did explain what she was thinking!

    I say October 14th and I think her name should be Mookee! I do agree with Summer on this point - her name without a doubt should be SUMMER!! or you could always call her BRENT!