Monday, May 10, 2010

Lucky Number 7

Grant and I celebrated our 7th anniversary on Saturday. I was going to post something about it on Saturday, but because we were going to be doing some cool things for our anniversary, I figured I'd wait until I had pictures.

Well, I grabbed the camera, got my telephoto lens, but neglected to get the memory card. Awesome. So, no pictures.

At the recommendation of my friend, we went to this really cool sushi restaurant in West Hollywood, The Izaka-ya. While the ambiance was not at all suited for a romantic anniversary dinner (Grant and I were seated at a small table, but we couldn't even hear each other talk), the sushi was killer! We started out with this weird lotus root stuff for an appetizer, and then we got the crispy rice with spicy tuna (which seemed to be a favorite on yelp), the tempura rock shrimp (which was AWESOME!), creamy salmon rolls, yellowtail with scallion, creamy blue crab, and a honey roll (which was spicy tuna, avocado, and something else).

Grant joked that we might see a celebrity there, but I didn't think this was a place that a celebrity would come, because it was kind of a hole-in-the wall (albeit, very popular). But, we did see one! Jeanne Tripplehorn. It's not like she's super famous, but when I saw her, I recognized her right away, and thanks to my wealth of useless celebrity knowledge, I thought to myself, "Tripplehorn? Is that right?" And then at the table next to me, I heard them say, "That's Jeanne Tripplehorn!"

Anyways, it was an awesome place, despite all the noise.

For dessert, we went to Diddy Riese in Westwood, basically on UCLA's campus. This place is awesome. Grant's brother, John, told us about it shortly after we moved here, but we hadn't been there until I went a couple of months ago with friends, but Grant still hadn't been. I think this place has to be the best deal in town - amazing ice cream sandwiches for $1.50 flat!!! It doesn't get any better than that! You can mix and match the top and bottom cookies (and they're freshly baked cookies) and pick whatever flavor of ice cream you want. It's a good-sized portion, too. Even Grant, who is notoriously frugal, thinks they could easily charge more for these and you wouldn't feel cheated. This was my third time there, and I got the same thing I got the other two times - chocolate white chocolate chip cookies with cookie dough ice cream. That's where it's at right there! Grant got chocolate chip walnut cookies with mint chocolate chip ice cream. By the way, this is when we discovered that I forgot the memory card. Boo.

After Diddy Riese, we made our way to the Griffith Park Observatory. In our two years here, that's one place that we have been meaning to go to, but just hadn't made it there. We almost didn't make it there on Saturday! I put the address in the GPS, and it wanted to take us up one of the mountain roads to get there. Well, that road closed at sunset, and at this time, it was almost 9. We got lost in a very hilly, very windy Hollywood Hills neighborhood, and then we decided to try to find another way into the park. We did, and were finally able to see this place! It was really cool, but we felt a little rushed - mainly because we didn't want our friend who was watching the girls to have to stay up too late. So we want to go back again.

Then it was home! It was a great anniversary celebration - a perfect way to spend it with the man I love, and the best husband in the world!


  1. Sounds fun - Landon loves sushi (I think it's okay too). But I love Diddy Reese! We go there all the time when we are in Westwood to go to UCLA doctor stuff for Grant. Back when we started going there, those sandwiches were only $1! Then they went to $1.25, then $1.50 like they are now.

    Sometimes we even just buy a dozen cookies, bring them home, and make our own sandwiches.

    Happy #7 - - we celebrate #7 at the end of this month...May 31st!

  2. i forget my memory card a lot. or i run out of battery. now i carry an extra of both everywhere. it's silly, but it's helped me out of a lot of those 'oh man i'm so stupid' situations...

    congrats on 7 years!!

  3. happy anniversary! jeanne tripplehorn is in one of my favorite movies, Til There Was You. that's all i know about her :) glad you had fun!