Monday, May 24, 2010

Where's Cami?

Do you see her?

Where could she be?

Seriously, that's my life these days. I'll turn my back for a second, or walk out of the room for a bit, and when I come back, I find myself saying those words. This girl is not only crawling, she's pulling up to standing. Now, she usually falls once she stands, but I'm guessing she won't be falling too much longer. These things don't take long to master.

And for the record, she's 7 months today. She's definitely trying to catch up to Sister.

So, did you guess where she was?

There she is!

She crawled through the end table, just to play with our dusty lamp, electrical outlet, and cords. That's safe and clean, right?

In other Cami news, I've started feeding her little bites of banana. A week or so ago, she was still kind of gagging when I would give it to her, but now she's actually chewing, as opposed to sucking.

We're basically following the same timeline with food as we did with Kendall. We started both girls out with pieces of apple and pear in these awesome mesh bags. That allows the baby to suck the pulp out of the fruit, without the possibility of choking. They're awesome. I also put ice in them and use them for teething. My mom was the one who told me about them when Kendall was about 6 months old. They're by Munchkin.

I'm just amazed by how quickly time is going by. I mean, her first birthday is just around the corner! I try to not think about that, but it really will be here before I know it.


  1. love this post. :) I was trying to see if I could find her in that first picture! HAHAHA.

  2. So precious!!! Hurry Thursday ;0b

  3. LDhope8:44 PM

    Your baby is the next Waldo I know right? I am a good hider too but she is better. Maybe she can teach me her ways?