Monday, June 07, 2010

Date Day and Night

This past Saturday, Grant took Kendall for a little outing. He decided to check out the campus of USC, and from the looks of the pictures, they had a great time! Kendall even took a picture of Grant! We may have a future photographer on our hands.

Saturday night was our date night. Grant had a great idea to take the kayaks down to one of favorite spots - Balboa Island - and kayak in the little bay there. It was awesome. Since we don't have a waterproof case for our camera, we didn't get any pictures of us out on the water, so I just took this picture of Grant unloading the kayaks. We loved looking at all the gorgeous multi-million dollar houses and the beautiful boats that we passed. The only thing I wish we could've changed was the weather. June gloom was in full effect and it was very gray and dreary, but just about 2 mile further inland, it was sunny and gorgeous.

After kayaking, we got all dressed up and went to dinner at the Newport Landing restaurant. We sat on the balcony, overlooking the ferris wheel, the Balboa Island ferry, and the water we had just kayaked in.

As far as date nights go, it couldn't have been better.


  1. Kendall is adorable! your date night sounds awesome, I'm jealous! I need to find a regular babysitter so we can go out more.

  2. Next time you should invite me so much too right? I am help carry your kayaks if you want?