Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Daunting Task

*I recently had a conversation about this with my dear friend Melissa, so none of this will be new to her.*

Having two daughters, I can't help but sometimes be confronted with the reality that I'm raising future little women. I want so badly for them to be well-rounded and interested in homemaking. With my new-found love for sewing and possibly quilting (I have to finish my first quilt to see if it's a love or not), I really want the girls to want to sew. I was never interested in those things when I was younger, but I wish I would have been, because it would be so much easier for me now. I also want them to like o cook and like making things look nice. All of that would really please me, but what it comes down to is that most of all, I want them to grow up to be women that want to please the Lord.

When I think about this, I get a little overwhelmed. I mean, who are they going to learn these things from? Me! And I am by no means a perfect example. That's the "daunting" part of the equation.

All of that to say that I was so happy to see a new website that just launched today, called Raising Homemakers! I'm excited to see what these women have to say.

And, yes, this post gives me an entry for a giveaway that they're having, but I want you to enter, too! So check out the website to find out.


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  2. I'm all for it! And hopefully, having that blog as a resource will be a good motivator.
    And I think there must be something in the air...
    Here's a blog post about the value of our kids watching TV, and a good solution. http://number17cherrytreelane.blogspot.com/2010/06/worth-stressing-about.html
    I'll be checking it out. :)

  3. i think you'll do just fine. God wouldn't give you anything He knew you couldn't handle. but if you royally screw it up you can always blame grant :)

  4. great site! sometimes i feel daunted, too.