Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Big Mistake(s)

I went to the commissary today with the girls. I had to. I hadn't been since...well, I don't remember when the last time was. For those that don't know, shopping at the commissary saves quite a bit of money, especially if you're stocking up. So I do my here-and-there shopping at the closest grocery store, but when I really want to have stuff at the house, then I go to the commissary. Typically, I like to go every 2 weeks. This trip was way overdue.

This morning, I got my coupons and grocery list and headed out the door.

At least I thought so. Somehow I managed to forget my list and my coupons. But I didn't realize this until I got to the commissary. Did I mention it's over 20 miles away?

That was my first mistake.

Next was that I got in the doors, and realized that I forgot to bring any sort of baby carrier. So instead of going back out to the car (because I thought that would be a hassle), I decided to put both girls in the rocket ship/grocery cart.

In case you're keeping score, that was mistakes 2 and 3. Because I thought they would be okay together, and that's why I took these pictures with my phone. I mean, how cute are they? I knew Cami was a little small (ha!) to put in such a grown up seat, but I tightened the strap and thought it would be fine. Well, Kendall couldn't leave Cami alone. After about 10 minutes of screaming and crying by both girls, I ended up taking Cami out and carrying her the rest of the way.

By the way, she's heavy.

I guess you could say mistake number 4 was getting that stupid rocket ship. It doesn't hold nearly as much as a regular shopping cart does, and so towards the end of my trip, stuff was falling out left and right. I should've taken a picture of how cram-packed it was.

Number 5 was realizing AT THE REGISTER that I had left my military ID in the car.

Number 6 was going to a cashier that didn't speak English, so I ended up explaining my situation many, many times. I decided that I would get everything on the belt, then run out to the car (with both girls in tow), get my ID card, and run back in before she was done ringing me up. Try explaining that to someone who doesn't speak English, while barely holding onto a screaming baby. It's difficult.

So I ran out to the car, dropped off the huge diaper bag, got the baby carrier, got my ID card, ran back in before she was done and showed her my card. So I guess my one non-mistake was picking a cashier that was slow.

That was my morning. How was yours?


  1. Props Kelly to not running out of the store screaming! What a day!

  2. That is SO SO SO my life like every day! I have always forgotten at least one critical thing and I SO hear you about the girls pick pick picking on each other. Deep breaths, deep breaths. What is it about sisters? And then the crisis of leaving something important in the car and no one understands how torturous the the parking lot is. They do not understand what they are asking when they send you back out there! Your arms are about to fall off mixed with the panic of the big sister running off and getting run over by a maniac...clearly you have touched a nerve with me on this one. I love how in spite of it all, you somehow had your camera and actually took pictures. You are way ahead of me there! Yeah, and clearly, clearly, whoever designed those crazy shopping mobiles never, ever went shopping with more than one child in his entire life.

  3. i love you, summer!

  4. I'm with Summer, the pictures really redeem the whole situation. It's life, honey, and you just have to cope one day at a time, thank the good Lord! You're doing a great job, never doubt that.

  5. I could have written this! I did actually, yesterday to be exact. This time I stuck them in the double cart that's the tall blue thingy they sit on so they wouldn't be so close to one another - things were going great until precisely 22 minutes into the trip when one or both proceeded to scream and cry for heaven knows why.

    It always drives me crazy when those cashiers are so uptight about wanting your I.D. I seriously can't load my stuff first and get my screaming children one step closer to leaving - the world will end if I don't show my I.D. RIGHT NOW?

    Ah! I may have Landon take our car on certain days and the list and make him do it. :)

  6. Hey Kelly,

    I think I accidentally defriended you on Facebook or you might have defriended me. Oh, I don't know. I'm batty these days.

    I wanted to write to you to let you know I had a dream in which Kendall was singing "In Christ Alone" and sang through the whole thing by herself! I was duly impressed. You were thoroughly underwhelmed and and said she could do that since she was 2. It was rather amusing.

    Hope you're well!

  7. I have SO been there before, many times. My boys are now banned from both sitting together in those carts, they fight the whole time. I try to avoid going grocery shopping with both kids at all costs, but I hear ya, sometimes you have no choice.
    Then you realize going hungry is less painful than taking two kids grocery shopping.
    Ha. They are pretty adorable though!