Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Scream, You Scream

We've been invited to a birthday party for two girls tomorrow, and since I'm so into sewing right now, I figured I'd make them something. They're turning 4 and 5, so I thought of making aprons for both of them.

I found this tutorial, and went to work!

First was getting the fabric. As if I needed an excuse to go to The Cotton Shop, that's where me and the girls went on Monday. After looking and looking and more looking, I finally decided on this brown polka dot print, and either a cupcake or ice cream print. I was really drawn to the ice cream print, but couldn't really decide, so I went to my decision maker, Kendall, and she chose the ice cream print.

The aprons are reversible, so the pictures show what the front and the back looks for both aprons. I stayed with the tutorial for the most part, but I changed the pocket. The tutorial only has a pocket on one side, and I wanted a pocket on both sides. I also changed the style of the pocket, using the same style that was used on the apron I made for myself.

I'm so happy with how these turned out!


  1. Love these! What a great idea. The birthday girls will love them. - I know my girls would!


  3. These are really, really cute! Well done! Just one more thing to add to your etsy shop... :o)

  4. Super cute! I know Jessica would love one for her birthday--and couldn't you do a guy one? RJ loves to cook too. I'm so impressed with these, totally agree with Melissa--they "scream" Etsy~

  5. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I bet they will love them! They're so cute!!

  6. you are SO talented.

    wait wait, do you have an etsy shop now?!

  7. Very cute! I did aprons for my nieces last Christmas (using the R. Kaufman Kleo Pink fabric) - I like the idea of the one big pocket. Wish I had done that.

    Very cute! I see all the other comments about an etsy shop - you should do it! I have a shop name all set up but haven't found the gumption to actually get started with it - thought I'd sell sewn items and premade baby scrapbooks (picture-a-month books are my speciality right now for friends and such...just 6x6 size so they are cute and quick!)

    Love the fabric you chose!