Friday, February 01, 2013

Cami Turns 3!

Back in October, we celebrated Cami's 3rd Birthday!  She requested a My Little Pony theme, with a chocolate cake, so that's what she got!  As usual, we had the family over (my parents, Grant's parents, and my brother and his wife - Tony and Meredeth) for pizza in our brick oven.  It's always a good time!

We missed the rest of our families that are out of town, but we did Skype with John and Sarah, and they told us their big news, which is that they're expecting their first child!  We were all pretty excited to find out.

And just because Tucker wasn't really in any of those pictures, here's a cute one that was taken of him earlier that day.

I would say that Cami really enjoyed her little party!

In her three short years on this earth, she has brought us countless hours of entertainment and laughs.  She's really a joy to be around, and her imagination is off the charts!  She can play "make believe" anywhere, anytime, with anything.  One of her favorite things to do is to make finger people.  She just imagines her fingers are people, and she takes those people on adventures throughout the universe.  Usually, if she sees that we're watching or listening, she'll get embarrassed and stop, so I try to be covert in my eaves-dropping.  Really, I'm just amazed by it all, because I never had an imagination quite like that, so it intrigues me.  The word I always use to describe her is precious.  Because that's just what she is!

Cami has followed her big sister's footsteps this year and has been taking dance (tap and ballet), which really suits her.  She's naturally very graceful and coordinated, so she's loved being a student at "Miss Katherine's."  Having both the girls in a dance recital in June is sure to be cuteness overload!

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