Friday, February 01, 2013

Halloween 2012

It's almost Valentine's Day, but I'm blogging about Halloween.  I'm playing catch up, people!

Anyways...Halloween...At the last minute, I found the girls super hero costumes, which they absolutely loved.  Tucker wore the sock monkey costume that we had for Kendall when she was a baby, but she never wore.  I'd say they were all pretty darn cute!  We went to a "trunk or treat" event at the General's house, which is on a seriously beautiful piece of property on one of the bayous around here.

While we were walking around, we saw these "man-eating dogs."  Ferocious, right?  Cami could not get enough of them, and would have been content to stay there the rest of the night holding them.

This was a couple days before Halloween.  For Halloween itself, I don't have any pictures, because Grant was out of town, so I wasn't thinking of taking pictures.  We did go over to a friend's house for dinner followed by trick-or-treating.  Besides Cami getting scared by a fake witch, it was a great night!

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