Monday, February 04, 2013

Kendall Speak: Part 13

Kendall is five now, and some of the things she says is really funny.  Not even because she's trying to be funny.  It's funny in the sense that she's still figuring out this weird language we call English, and she phrases things in a really funny way.  Here's a few examples:

We were driving to someone's house, and we needed to turn around.  So Grant pulled off on the side of the road, which was angled a good bit.  Kendall said, "Am I leaning over or are we having fun?"


When I change Tucker's diapers, sometimes the girls like to help me distract him from squirming.  One time Kendall came in and said, "Mom?  Uh, I hate to tell you this, but can I give Tucker this car to distract him?"


This girl loves to wear headbands.  It's a rare day that she even lets me touch her hair, because she just wants to wear headbands all the time.  She has a favorite one - a Hello Kitty headband.  I asked her one day why she likes that one so much.  Was it because it had Hello Kitty on it?  Because she has others that have Hello Kitty on them, and she never wears them.  She said, "No.  It's because this one has porks.  And the porks help keep my hair out of my eyes better."  For those that don't know, "porks" are "teeth" on a headband.  I don't know why she calls them porks.


A few weeks ago as we were eating lunch Kendall said, "And that's the earth in Florida, by Dr. Judy Bense."  I was thinking she was saying the name and author of a book they read in school, so I asked her if it was.  She said, "No, that's from NPR." (Daddy takes her to school every day)

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