Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Copy Cat

Following Haley's post, I decided I would take the Myers-Briggs personality test, which I had never taken before.

I scored an ISFP, which is introverting, sensing, feeling, perceiving. Their description of me is, "Gentle, loyal, and compassionate. Appears reserved and unassuming. Quietly does things for others. Patient, accepting, and nonjudgemental. Has a live-and-let-live attitude. Sensitive to conflicts and disagreement. Has little need to dominate or control others."

I think that's pretty accurate. I'm interested to hear from those of you who know me how accurate you think it is.

It also said that typical occupations for ISFPers are, and I'm copying straight from the site:

artist dietican or nutritionist optician
beautician factory worker physicall therapist
botanist food service worker police officer
carpenter forester recreation leader
clerical worker gardener secretary
computer operator geologist teacher
counselor marine biologist veterinarian or assistant
dancer mechanic dental or medical asst.
nurse designer occupationall therapist

Please notice, if you haven't already, all of the terribly atrocious spelling errors on this list.

To know that I would fit in well as a forester is an answer to a life-long dream of mine! I could be like Jeffrey, Uncle Leo's son, and work for the parks department one day!!

If you would like to take the test, and hope to be as cool as me and my future as a forester, go here.

**Edited to say, I guess Blogspot does an automatic spell check, because that list had all kinds of spelling errors, and now they're gone.**


  1. Kiwi, I think ISFP sounds right for you. But I think you should look into being a carpenter rather than a forester.

    I'm pretty sure I've taken a more robust version of the M-B test before, but I can't remember what I scored. On this one I was an ENTJ. It looked like I could have been an ENFJ (although I scored T, my F number was higher than any of my other "winning" letters in the other categories).

  2. yo' real mama6:43 AM

    I think that's pretty accurate! I'm going to take it and will let you know my score! Maybe they'll be close--like mother, like daughter???

  3. yo' real mama6:53 AM

    Kellybelly, we're really connected. Mine came out ISFP too! I figured it would.

  4. jenny9:08 AM

    hi kell i jsut took the test and i got esfp and i think that was prett correct you should go read it and yours was definitely pretty darn close to who you are!!!!!!!