Thursday, May 25, 2006

Grant = Paris Hilton?

I completely forgot about this perfect blogging story that happened a couple of weeks ago in church!

We were singing a hymn, I can't remember which one. Anyways, Grant whispered something to me, and I could've sworn he said, "That's hot." I just looked at him with shock, because if that is what he said, it truly came out of nowhere. I thought, if anything, he likes the words to this hymn so much, that he's resorting to saying Paris' famous tagline.

He then repeated himself, and for a second time, I swear he said, "That's hot."

When I told him I thought he said that, we both laughed a little, and then he denied it. I don't believe him.

When I started thinking about it, I realized that I've never seen Grant and Paris Hilton in the same room together. Now, I've never seen Paris in any room, ever, but still... So, is Grant and Paris Hilton the same person? You decide.


  1. Funny, so what does Grant claim he was saying? Maybe you were wearing your "flip-flops" that day and he liked them. I've been working on saying flip flops, but mostly I end up calling them my shoes.

  2. Kelly5:19 AM

    I honestly can't remember what he said he was saying. It was pre-flip flops, though, so that can't be it!! :) Flip flops, Jazzy, flip flops.

  3. yo real mama6:35 AM

    I'm completely confused.

  4. Whoa, Kelly, sounds like a shepherding visit is in order here.

    I had a friend from W. Virginia who just called them "flops." It sounded especially great w/ the accent, and especially funny the day he hiked 13 miles in them.

  5. WOW...ur hubby is really reall and i mean realllllly
    What A muscles man....WOW
    Super Star