Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Santa Fe Fun

Mrs. J had asked me a while back to come visit one of her classes at the beautiful St. John's Santa Fe campus. Since this is her last week EVER of her classes, I had to act fast. So on Sunday, we made very spontaneous plans for me to attend her Monday night class.

We left a little after 12:00 on Monday afternoon, and drove up to Santa Fe. She took me the back way to the Plaza, which was a beautiful drive through very unique neighborhoods that you can only see in Santa Fe. We got to the Plaza, and I showed her my favorite stores, then she showed me some stores on a street I'd never been down before.

When it came time to eat, I told her that I wanted her to take me to her favorite place. It was a Chinese Restaurant in the Design Center, which is a place I'm sure only locals know about. It took a little digging to find it, but once I told her to let The Santa Fe guide her, she found her way.

We ordered enough food to literally feed an army, but we got a good laugh out of it. Our whole table was covered with food! I tried to eat one last shrimp, but it proved to be too difficult a task. And that's all that needs to be said about that.

Then, Mrs. J wanted to show me to her old tanning bed/oxygen bar, and again, had a little trouble finding it, until The Santa Fe led her straight to it.

You see, there's a strange phenomena that happens, that I call The Santa Fe, in which you never really get lost, even if you feel like you are. You always seem to find your way.

Then, it was off to class. The campus was in a beautiful location. The class itself was interesting, even though I really don't get poetry, so most of what they discussed was way over my head. I wanted to take pictures of her classmates, and of her while she was giving very intellectual opinions on the poem, but I thought that might be a little embarrassing for her (and me).

Then it was back to the ABQ.

I want to give a shout out to Mrs. J since tomorrow (Thursday) is her last class, and Saturday is her graduation. Congratulations!


  1. That was super fresh.

  2. Mr. J2:11 PM

    Freshy Stylie. Hey, did you stop by J Crew to see the Thing? Anyways, congrats to Mrs. J!! K.K., what did you think of A.C. Slater in Mrs. J's class? I wonder who would win if he and yo_mamma arm wrestled.

  3. Kelly3:01 PM

    I've seen "the Thing" at J Crew before, but not this last time with Mrs. J. I'm guessing "AC Slater" might be the guy that was wearing the glasses and with his shirt half-way unbuttoned...yo_mama would DEF win!