Saturday, May 13, 2006

Work, work, work

This week, I've been attempting to get our closets organized, so they look better for when we try to sell the house. Plus, getting everything in bins will make it easier when we move. I finally finished my craft closet, which Pinky so graciously helped me realize that I could use one of our many hall closets for! I was trying to get it all into the guest room closet, but without shelving, it was going to be hard. She made me see the light! So now, I have EVERYTHING craft-related in one closet, in appropriate bins, with labels on them. Yay!

Meanwhile, Grant has been busy doing the "manly" work around the house...mowing the grass, fixing the pump in the pond, getting the swamp cooler ready for the summer, painting the garage, etc. Needless to say, we've been keeping ourselves busy.


  1. yo_mama3:30 PM

    You guys are doing great work!

  2. pinky8:33 PM

    It looks so good! I am so proud of all the hard work you did to get your craft closet organized! I bet you find yourself crafting more - now that things are so get-to-able!

    And you too Grant (well not on the craft closet but on the "manly" work).

  3. mr. j1:36 PM

    Wow, check out those gunz! I thought it was against the law to carry a concealed weapon around... oh wait! Those aren't very concealed at all! Anyways, I have a date with my cooler sometime this week. It's a battle of wills - the high, pitched roof vs. the hot, hot bedroom.

  4. yo real mama5:28 AM

    I'm really afraid toask what "gunz" are!!!

  5. yo real mama5:30 AM

    Kelly, I am so proud of you - and EDIE!! (Thanks for filling in for me, you did a great job!) Whoever looks in these closets is going to be big-time impressed!

  6. Grant7:17 AM

    Mr. j, I'm sure the cooler will be no match for you once you bring out YOUR rock climbing gunz.
    Let me know if you need some help or someone to braek your fall if you fall from the 30 foot roof.

  7. mr. j4:17 PM

    Haven't been climbing a long, long time, Grant. School and the NE location got the best of me. Hopefully I'll turn it around this summer. Anyways, thanks for the offer. I shouldn't have any troubles getting everything hooked up and running - I'll scope out the scene and let you know!

  8. i'm so jealous of your unit.

  9. Mal E. Factor4:19 PM

    Don't this picture seem a little rigged! It hasn't even got hot in ABQ yet; so why no shirt? And are those airbrush stroke I's amazing the things that photoshop can do.

  10. yo_mama9:51 PM

    MalFunction, you are correct. There is now way muscles could be THAT big without the help of photoshop.

  11. Grant9:57 PM

    Malfunction and my_mama, you are both right. Photoshop was used. It was impossible to see the object of the picture (the swamp cooler) until the muscles size was significantly reduced--good eye.