Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm so un-original

I'm copying Tink's post from a while back, because I'm bored, and when it's come to blogging lately, I've been drawing a blank.

I realize I have all of probably 2 readers. Actually, there's more, because I've talked to Cheryl and Megan from church and found out they're pretty regular readers, but they never post comments. So really, they're lurkers. Which is scary. So really, Cheryl and Megan, I think you're scary. So here's the deal, to motivate people to post a comment every now and then, tell me a little bit about yourself, why you read my dumb little blog, and then pick a number between 1 and 5,000 (I'm not totally copying tink!). Whoever is closest to the number I have written down will win some stuff that I haven't thought up yet.

So there you go, people. Post a comment already! And just know, if I ever find out you read my blog without posting a comment at least on this one, then I will forever think you're scary.

*Edited to say: I'm going out of town tomorrow (the 7th), so I will announce the winner after I get back on the 19th.


  1. but I like being a lurker!

  2. I think you're not the only one, who's waiting for comments =)
    But in contrast to you I started my blog yesterday and my blog is at the moment in german =)
    But I will change this =)
    I wish you more comments for the future =)

    A number? wait, let me think twice: 2350 =)

    Zimtgruen blog

  3. thanks a lot for your comment. Well, I realized that the most blogger are writing in english, so I changed this and my new blog is in english, too, but it isn't as interesting as the other one =)

  4. Are you sure you want to know who reads your blog, cause Lady, you better Hope you're ready! (unoriginally cc'd from yo mama)

    Isn't it called "lurkers come out day," too or something?

    Hey Megan, now that you said something on Kelly's blog you have to say something on mine too.

    zIMtGRueN, no worries, I'm sure someone will comment soon.

    Kelly, I read this blog because of the political jokes.
    And because I know you like Una.

    And my guess is: 4444

  5. Kelly1:39 PM

    Megan, it only scares me more that you LIKE being a lurker. If you're unaware you're a lurker, that's one thing, but being proud of it? And, by the way Megan, you didn't pick a number!

    Mrs. J, if this is "lurkers come out day" then I'm scared, and maybe a little bit psychic, because this is the first I've heard of it.

  6. pinky8:46 PM

    I like reading your blog because you make me laugh and I find it extremely educational - not to mention that I find lots of material for my own blog right here on yours!!

    I, unlike Megan and Cheryl, am not a lurker. And now they need to post on my blog, too - because I have been known to get really insanely upset when i am not getting my way and "pull a shane" and I have witnesses to attest that it is not a pleasant site.

    My guess is (well I was thinking you might've picked 8876 for JC's birthday isn't between 1 and 5000 so I will need to try again) 35.

  7. Kelly9:19 PM

    Whoa, Edie! You actually looked up JC's birthday? I'm impressed. I didn't even think of that! But good thinking!

    Hmmm, why did you pick 35? Is it because that's how old Boo thinks Grant is?

  8. yo_mama9:59 PM

    I read this blog because it gives me a good chance to catch up on all the recent news about my good buddy, Grant. He really is a cool guy, you know?
    I guess I like to hear you talk about what's going on with you as well.

    My # is 3478

  9. i saw your blog from tink's links. i was at pcc at the same time as you but didn't know you. anyway, i'm marybeth and my # is 3333.

  10. Kelly4:20 AM

    Hey Marybeth! Thanks for posting. I know of you, also from Tink's blog, and from the PCC Board. I didn't realize we went to PCC at the same time, though!

  11. i read your blog because it's one of my links.
    and sometimes you write funny stuff.
    and sometimes you have cool pictures.
    and other times my imaginary friends and i just mock you.

    the end.

  12. Jfogle10:16 AM

    I look forward to reading your blog while I am at work. You have almost inspired me to start one of my own...I do have a few ideas of things to write about, but I am just lacking the motivation and time.

    My # is 614

  13. I read your blog because, as most blogs that I read, are linked to/from Mrs. J's blog. For some reason, I guess I'm a little biased to her blog. Your blog is very well put together, though. I like the pictures, too. To lurk or not to lurk, that is the question!

  14. I read your blog to see what we're missing out on in our old westside hood. Plus we get the real dirt on Six Bit~since he's a total slacker on his blog~and I can't tell when he's lying. I also like to see what country you world travelers are going to next since I'm always pregnant and can't go too far. Oh and if you want to know just how nosy I am I looked your house up on the MLS to see if it had sold yet and I showed the pics to Kristin and she knew it was your house! So I guess I just made the list of scary lurkers. :) My number is 2266. I just like even numbers.~Jazz

  15. Cheryl4:51 PM

    ok Ok OK! But I say 'LURKER's UNITE'. I am a faithful lurker on all the blogs from our church (that I am aware of). I guess I must live vicariously through all of you who have the ability to write things down. Being outside the age limits of the C&C group....although in my heart I am right in makes me feel connected to you learn a whole LOT of what is going on (like new puppies! How cute is Mrs J's!).
    And then there is the non-C&C Wrestling Mat, which I thoroughly enjoy....especially posts bout NM wildlife! :0)
    So there - my first official comment. My number....713...

  16. yo_mama5:12 PM

    I'm proud of you, Cheryl. That took a lot of courage.

    And The Wrestling Mat is not "non-C&C." And you're not outside of the age limits of the C&C; you're at least 10 or 15 years younger than Brent.

  17. SixBit6:53 PM

    Yes, we are all proud of you Cheryl. And you are like 25-30 years younger than Grant's back. Though I may tease him about his old man's back, he sure does have some sweet Guns!

    My number is 1971 (10 years after I was born).

  18. Cheryl7:12 PM

    I apologize for my 'non C&C' reference to The Wrestling Mat....see how much out of the loop I am?!?!