Friday, July 28, 2006

Reality Check

Things are starting to sink in with me about our move, but I'm still very much in denial...

*We only have 2 Sundays left at church
*Our going-away party is this Sunday after church
*The movers will be here on Thursday of next week (less than a week!) to pack us up, then move everything out on Friday
*Our house still has not sold, and we're leaving town on the 9th.

I need to go ahead and start letting some tears out now, because if I don't, I'll be a blubbering idiot when we say our good-byes.


  1. Oh, so the going away party is NOT a surprise. That's what I started talking about at M's birthday and stopped myself about. I thought it was...

  2. pinky9:49 PM

    we are going to soooo miss you and we don't care if you are a blubbering idiot - we love you anyway!

  3. Melissa6:35 AM

    Where are you moving?

  4. Haley W11:55 AM

    Hey Kelly,
    I'm sorry we weren't at your party. We couldn't adjust our plans for the afternoon in time because Dan was getting ready to leave town for a week and there were a lot of things to do related to that. But I will see you at church on Sunday, and we will miss you terribly when you're gone. Before I forget, whenever Grant and the moving men come to pick up y'alls dresser, tell him that the blue bag with striped tissue paper sitting on top of the dresser is a going away gift for you, so to take it with him. It has a card that says "Kelly" on it, but just in case. I know guys don't always notice that stuff. :)

  5. you can move here if your house doesn't sell. syracuse is AWESOME.

  6. Yeah, the weather sounds incredible!

  7. who doesn't love 8 feet of snow? stop being so picky.