Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Glen Helen

Now that it's warm enough to get out and enjoy nature, this past weekend, Grant, Watley and I went for a hike in one of the many parks in the area. In Yellow Springs (the town I work in), I believe they have 3 parks. I picked Glen Helen Nature Preserve, because that's where the actual yellow spring that the town was named after is found. I had no idea that behind all of those trees that I drive past everyday is a beautiful forest with streams and rivers and cliffs and waterfalls.

This is the yellow (orange?) spring. The rocks get their color from iron ore in the water.

Here's the stepping stones that we ended up going over 3 times, because we got a little lost. My only complaint about this hike, is that the trails are not marked at all, and the trail map is pitiful. Thankfully, we found some locals who led us back in the right direction.

While we were "lost" and walking along a trail, we heard something in the grass right next to us. I basically found out that I'm terrified of snakes in the wild. Several minutes passed before I was actually able to walk past where the snake was.

It was a great hike. And now that we know where we're going, we would feel comfortable taking people with us, and not look like idiots crossing the river 3 times to find our way back.


  1. Anonymous12:37 PM

    i too love exploring! nice falls, tiny as they are. your dog is awesome. tht husband of yours though is a bt of a freak.

  2. By "freak" i assume you mean, "extremely cool dude."