Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I never posted about our trip to Grand Rapids a couple of weekends ago. I know, I'm a slacker.

Well, one of Grant's roommates from Florida State, Jason, just recently moved up to Grand Rapids, about the same time we moved to Dayton. We've been trying to make it up there, and it finally worked out for us. Jason's wife, Kerri, is 7 months pregnant, so the 2 of us talked about pregnancy alot, while Grant and Jason talked about theology, beer, and sports. It was a perfect weekend!

Here we are with Jason and Kerri at the BOB (Big Old Building) in downtown Grand Rapids. The BOB is a renovated building that has comedy clubs, dance clubs, restaurants, etc. We ate outside for appetizers, then went in for a delicious meal.

While we were in Grand Rapids, we were also able to see one of my friends, Ange (short for Angela, which I just can't seem to call her), who is at Cornerstone University. We went out for BBQ, then she gave us a tour of her campus.

She told us about this bell. The tradition is that when people get engaged, the guy has to climb up this pole, ring the bell, then come down and kiss his fiance. Of course, Grant had to climb the pole when he heard this.

Then, she showed us this statue of Adam. Since he looked lonely without Eve, Grant decided to cuddle with him.

Here's one of just Ange and I. Obviously, we didn't live up to Grant's funniness...

Then, Grant found a big stick, so he wanted to incorporate that into a picture.

Basically, my husband's a clown. But that's okay.

We had a great weekend. We're hoping to make it up there again before we move to Cali next year.

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