Sunday, May 06, 2007

Vera Bradley!

A couple of months ago, I heard about this huge sale that Vera Bradley has in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Immediately, I thought about my friend, Kellie (gotta love that name!), who lives in Indiana, and how that would be such a fun way to meet up for the day. So we made plans, and yesterday was the day.

Basically, every year Vera Bradley uses the coliseum in Ft. Wayne to sell some of their products at very, very reduced prices. It goes from Wednesday until Saturday, 2 sessions per day. The First day, you have to buy a ticket to get in. Every day after that is free. Since I work during the week and Kellie works during the week, the only day that worked for us was Saturday.

So we met up at 10:30 (more like 11, because it took me longer to get there than I thought), went to the mall for a bit, grabbed a bite to eat, then around 12:45, we got in line at the Coliseum (the doors were opening at 1). This picture does not do the line justice, but it's the only one I got. I should've gotten a picture of the line that went outside, and started wrapping around the coliseum.

Since this was the last session of the whole event, I really didn't think there would be a lot of selection, but was I ever wrong! Granted, there was not as great a selection as there was on Wednesday (I've since talked to people who were there on Wednesday), but that's okay. The prices were cut more when we were there because they were basically trying to get rid of everything, so I feel like we definitely picked the best time to go. Again, I don't really think this picture does it justice, but this is inside the coliseum. There were rows and rows and rows of nothing but Vera Bradley everything - ties, umbrellas, coat hangers, cosmetic bags, and of course, purses.

I was surprised at how many men were there. All I could think about is how miserable Grant would have been, and would literally have to be dragged kicking and screaming to go to something like this. I love taking sneaky pictures where you act like you're taking a picture of one thing/person - in this case, Kellie - but, you're really taking a picture of a fierce mullet, or a guy randomly dressed up like Elvis, or in this case, a big, burly guy carrying a purse. It didn't really turn out, but it was worth a shot. We chased this guy for a few hundred feet, but he was just walking way too fast for us to be a stealth as we wanted to be.

We found some great deals. I got a purse for $20 that normally retails for $42! Most of the things I got will be birthday/Christmas presents for other people. Here we are on our way to check out, carrying all of our goods.

And here we are, showing off our newly bought why-would-we-ever-pay-full-price-for-another-Vera-Bradley-product-again purses.

But the best part of Saturday was just spending a few hours with my best friend. This was the first time since we've gotten together since she got married in December, so it was a great time.


  1. tinkerstinker11:28 AM

    look at that warehouse of stuff! i bet that was awesome...

  2. Yeah, it HAD to have been totally cool!

  3. i love the first pic, the woman that is looking right at you thinking..."why is she taking my picture? i'm wearing my mom jeans!"

  4. Kelly:

    Thanks for the first hand comments - I really wanted to go, but I was heading for Atlanta for a vacation with the family except for Summer and oLiver - did they have the flip-flops/luggage and was it basically half off? Maybe we can plan to go next year with Summer and baby Heidi. Thanks for the report.

    Mrs. T