Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dave Chappelle, Part II

If you missed Dave Chappelle, Part I, here it is.

Well, I've seen Dave Chappelle a few more times since I last wrote about seeing him. He's always hanging out...and especially that the weather's been so nice lately, it seems like he's out everytime I go into town. But I've just seen real chance for a photo-op.

Yesterday I needed to go to the little grocery store in Yellow Springs to pick up a few items during my lunch break. After I parked, I was walking up to the store, and there he was, sitting by himself on a bench outside of it. I had to take this opportunity, since I had my camera with me this time, and since he was by himself. So I asked him how he was doing, and then I just put it out there - "Can I get my picture with you?" - as dumb as that sounds. He then said he doesn't take pictures in Yellow Springs, which I can understand. I started walking away, a little disappointed, then he redeemed himself again, by apologizing and offering a handshake. So I talked to him for a little bit longer.

He really does seem like a nice guy. I don't know that he's really comfortable with the fame that he's recently gotten, because he seems to want to keep a low-profile, and live a normal life. I mean, there's a reason he's choosing to live in tiny little Yellow Springs, as opposed to LA or New York.

That's all I've got for now. Pretty sad, huh? :)


  1. i never run into famous people when i go grocery shopping. unless you can count me. cause i'm totally famous. i would let you take a picture with me.

  2. I need some clarification:

    Did he just stick out his hand?

    Or was he like, "I can't take a picture with you, but you may shake my hand."

  3. cheri, i'm sure you're totally famous. i feel privileged to know you.

    mrs. j, the handshake was pretty natural. it was more apologetic, like, "i'm sorry i won't take a picture with you" kind of thing.

    does that clear it up?

  4. I'm with Mrs. J...Mr. I'm-not-famous-in-Yellow-Springs does seem to do a lot more hand-shaking and apologizing than anything else!
    As though a handshake and apology could replace actual evidence that famous people really do live in places like Yellow Springs!
    (Just jealous. I don't think anyone famous lives in Guildford.)