Friday, February 08, 2008

Has it really been almost 7 weeks?

It doesn't feel like it! She sure makes the days go by fast.

A little explanation on this one. She was fussy, so I thought I would show her her reflection in the mirror. Not only did she stop crying, but she couldn't stop smiling! I even went downstairs to get the camera, came back upstairs, and as soon as I stood in front of the mirror, she started smiling again.


  1. she is so cute. i really want to just tickle that belly.

  2. yo' real mama4:11 PM

    How precious! She's definitely got the happy baby thing going on!

  3. Oh my goodness -I can't wait to get my hands on her!!

    Check out higher up's post on Monday Feb 11. I commented but it must be approved before you see it - so make sure you keep checking until you see my comment!! Oh and tell YO to check, too