Friday, February 22, 2008

I should've written this stuff down...

As I was replying to Tink's comment, I remembered some funny things that happened with regards to Kendall. French people typically don't like Americans. And vice versa. However, when you're a dumb American with a baby in France, they love you!

I can't tell you how many people would come up to us and talk to Kendall. Which she loved, by the way. We think she thought it sounded like baby talk.

There was this elderly couple in Versailles that was sitting on this bench in one of the rooms of the palace. They saw me standing there holding Kendall, and made me sit down on the bench. They proceeded to talk to her, and laugh at her, and ask us questions in French, to which we replied with dumb smiles and nervous laughter and head nods. Kendall was totally eating it up! I really wish we would've gotten a picture of them with Kendall, because it was just so sweet!

Then, after I got done feeding Kendall underneath the Eiffel Tower, this little girl came up and started saying "Bebe! Bebe!" Then her mom lifted her up so she could kiss Kendall. Now, if you're not a germaphobe pre-baby, you definitely become one after you have a baby. All I could think about was all the nasty germs this little girl was giving Kendall, but what was I supposed to do?! It was sweet, in a germy sort of way.

We did encounter the stereotypical snobby French person every now and then. But for the most part, they were very nice. But like I said, I think alot of that had to do with our cute little Bug. She's irresistable.

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  1. Every time I read a post about your trip, I am so impressed that you did this with a two month old. You definitely win some kind of parenting award. I think I was barely surviving grocery shopping when Joey was two months old! I'm so glad Kendall did so well, and you had such a great trip!