Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It feels so good!

I feel like a real person again...I'm finally exercising! It's been a long 9 weeks to not do any sort of physical activity (although, I did do quite a bit of walking in Paris), so I'm happy to be back. I especially missed my yoga class while I was recovering. I've already been back 3 times - I went last Thursday night, then Monday night, and again this morning. Also, I'm doing this thing I found on It's the 4-week Total Body Makeover. And there's a Mom & Baby class at the base that I might start going to, as well. Hopefully all this work will pay off soon. Because it'd be nice to wear something other than the one pair of jeans that I bought to fit this transition period.

1 comment:

  1. tinkstinks8:55 AM

    good for you! it's been weeks upon weeks for me too, but i don't have that good ol' 'i just birthed a human being' excuse...