Sunday, March 02, 2008

Crazy Ohioans

Is Ohioans even right? I don't know. Anyways, so today was actually a warm day. Like, literally warm, not just warm in the sense of it's-not-below-freezing kind of warm. I think the high was around 62 or so. The morning wasn't that warm, but definitely not coat weather. So, Grant pulled out a short-sleeved shirt, and I wore a semi-short-sleeved shirt to church. I was thinking that, surely, other people at church would be dressed similarly. I mean, it's been a long, cold winter. Anything above 50 should be short-sleeve weather, right?


We pull up at church, and I see people wearing their winter coats! Winter coats! One of our friends said Grant was being "ambitious" for wearing short sleeves, and that he wore his coat, scarf, and gloves on his way to church today.

While we were driving, I saw this lady in traffic next to us with a very heavy coat on and thick gloves. We almost had our AC on.

I don't get it. And this wasn't the first time this has happened. We've noticed it before when we've had random warm days during the winter.

I remember at college back in Florida, whenever it would get "cold" for us (around the 50s or so), everyone from the South would be all bundled up, and the Michiganders and Ohioans would be walking around in summer clothes saying how warm it was. The complete opposite of what I've witnessed actually living in Ohio.

Grant has a theory...People up here just get it in their heads that it's not warm until April or May, so they have to stay bundled up until then, despite the temperatures.

Not us. We will take advantage of these few and far between warm days that we get and wear our short sleeves proudly.

Which reminds me, just about a month until we won't have to worry about freezing temps for a long, long time! We're just a little excited. California here we come!!

**Watch out, Albuquerque...we'll be stopping there for a few days on our way to Cali.


  1. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Not all people from Ohio and Michigan wear winter clothes when it's warm like it was yesterday and today. Brian wore a short sleeved tshirt and jeans yesterday and today. We walked the dogs yesterday and I dressed in layers, and was carrying my layers about 5 minutes into the walk. And today I wore spring clothes and carried my spring jacket!!

    Also, I always found that in Michigan at least, whenever you get a fluke warm day like today, there are crazies who were shorts and tank tops. Now, it's not that warm. I don't even wear shorts ... well hardly ever. It has to be pretty darn hot!


  2. I think people just get weird when the temperature changes. And you usually have both extremes. I know yesterday I saw a some shorts and tanktops and flip flops, It was in the 50's but there was still snow on the ground. There were also the bundled kind you talked about. I opted for the sweatshirt/jacket. I always laugh at people in the fall too. Because when it starts getting cooler, you will have the people who still wish that it was summer and are sporting sundresses and the like, and then you you will have people in their black turtleneck sweaters and full winter gear. If you took a picture you may even be confused which season it is. I usually try for a smooth transition with layers.

  3. both of y'all are right...there are both extremes. it just seemed like yesterday, everyone we saw was still bundled.

  4. Of course, here in sunny Florida it was in the mid 70's and beautiful!!! We suffer through it :)

  5. Midwesterners are emotionally scarred when it comes to weather. We hate getting out our warm clothes and toying with the idea that spring is here only to find a snowstorm the next day. They are wearing their stuff to protect themselves from getting their hopes dashed when winter rears its head again. We hate feeling stupid in our tank tops when the sun rolls back behind the clouds and the wind picks up. It's all about a mindset.

    Always pack your extra layer, no matter what!

    I think New Mexico is the opposite: I wear my warm coat in the morning and then by noon it's 95 degrees.

  6. And in the UK, I wore my coat to work every single day last year, but yet, it doesn't really get below freezing either. I've never been in such a moderate place.