Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Weekend

Who can bring together friends who are scattered all over the country? Kendall, that's who!

This weekend, we had Kellie, who lives in Indiana; Jenny, who lives in Minnesota; Angela, who lives in Michigan; and Sharon, who lives in South Carolina. It was just a quick visit, but a fun one. We laughed, watched a lot of movies, laughed some more, ate good food, laughed a little more, took pictures of Kendall...and did I mentioned we laughed? Grant was such a good trooper. I don't think it's easy being in a house full of women.


  1. catie7:57 AM

    hey kelly, kendall is looking so cute. tori just saw watley on here and said "Remember when watley went pee pee on my horsie?" Good memories of Ohio!

  2. tinka tinka wha wha10:08 AM

    yes, he looks like he's in pain....