Sunday, March 09, 2008

Our Weekend

Our first blizzard experience has been a good one. I do kind of think it's funny that less than a month before we leave, we get this crazy storm. This winter hasn't been nearly as bad as last winter, as far as temperatures go. But I guess we had to get one really big storm in before we move.

Anyways we spent the way we have the last few weekends when we've decided to stay in - downstairs, snuggled up on the sofa sleeper, with big blankets and big pillows, watching DVDs all day long. Specifically, we finished up the second season of Arrested Development, and the third season of Lost today. Church was cancelled, so we had our own little family worship service.

I've really grown to love these cozy weekends. It's so nice to just spend some time with my baby, my baby's daddy, and my other baby (Watley).

By the way, if you need some new reading material, I added some more blog links.


  1. Hilarious! This one needs to go to AFV for sure! Love Kendall's eyelashes!

  2. Enjoy your cozy weekends while you've got them! Once you get here, it'll be impossible to stay inside because the weather is so non-Ohio!

  3. Whenever I click your COMMENTS, it leads me to the entry page and I have to scroll to the bottom to click COMMENTS again. WHY DOES IT DO THAT???

    Watley did NOT enjoy that, I can see. hee hee.

  4. i don't blog is weird.