Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pictures! Finally.

We picked up our new laptop last night, so I'm finally able to put some pictures up! Since I have about 6 weeks of pictures to show, I'll just start at the beginning of our trip out here.

We started our trip on Friday, April 4, after picking my mom up from the airport. That first night, we made it to Effingham, Illinois. Nothing much to talk about there. But as you can see, Grandma was bonding with Kendall.

Saturday we were making our way to Oklahoma City. But on the way, we stopped in St. Louis. This was our second time to the Arch, but we still haven't made it to the top!

On Sunday, we headed towards Albuquerque. But no trip on I-40 going through Texas is complete without stopping at the Big Texan in Amarillo. If you don't know what that is, it's a restaurant that's made to look like something out of the Wild West. The thing that they're known for is their 72 oz. steak. 72 ounces!! Can you even imagine it? If you are gutsy enough to attempt to eat this thing, plus all the fixin's, then you get it for free. If not, it costs something like $50. While we were there, a guy did end up finishing it.

That night, we finally made it to ABQ. We stayed with Pinky and family, and were so happy to see them! They were happy to finally meet Kendall.

While we were in Albuquerque, we saw some friends (but not all of them - we totally ran out of time!), and checked on our house, and enjoyed being back! Pinky even threw a shower for us while we were there! Oh, and Pinky's kids attacked Grant. Our time there flew by, but we had a great time.

After a few days in Albuquerque, it was off to Sedona, Arizona. It was Grant's idea to stop there, and I'm so glad we did. This place is seriously beautiful!

Then - finally - it was time to get to our new home. I have been dreaming about living in Southern California for so long, it was hard to believe that it was about to come true! The day after we got here, we took my mom to the airport, then went to see Grant's brother, John. He hadn't seen her since she was born, so it was fun to see them together.

It was a great trip. Long, but great. Having my mom there made everything so much better!


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  2. Hurray for pictures!! I have missed you the past month. Glad you are enjoying LA despite the hurdles. Sunshine makes everything better :o)

  3. tinkerellen12:02 PM

    hey are you in your house yet?? we've got about 2 weeks to go and i'm dying here...

    anyway, nice pics ladee.

  4. definitely not in the house yet. trust me, you will KNOW when we are!!