Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Once we got to LA, Grant didn't have to work for the first week and a half. That was really cool, because everyday, we got out and did something.

Our first big day of tourism, we drove up PCH to Malibu.

Then we took Sunset Blvd. into Hollywood. We saw several people selling celebrity home maps, and I was not above buying one! We saw where alot of famous people live, but in Bel-Air, you can't really see the houses, because most of them are behind gates or high hedges.

This is kind of a funny story. Before moving out here, I heard about this place called Pinkberry. It's a trendy new frozen yogurt place. That's really all I knew about it. Well, while we were driving around on Sunset, I plugged Pinkberry into the GPS to see if there was one around. I didn't tell Grant what I was doing, mainly because I knew he didn't know what Pinkberry was, and probably didn't care. I figured if the GPS found one, then I would mention it to him, and if it was close we could possibly go there. Well, the GPS wasn't pulling it up, and I was just about to turn it off and tell Grant what I was doing, when he said, "Pinkberry...I wonder what that is?" I looked up to find a Pinkberry coming up on the right! And in one long, high-pitched frenzy, I screamed something to the effect of, "Pinkberry! Pinkberry! That's what I was just looking up in the GPS...But I couldn't find it...But then you said it...I need to pee, and Kendall needs to be fed and changed...So let's go there!" I doubt Grant even understood what I was saying, but he knew I was excited. After I calmed down a bit, I told him what it was, and he thought it sounded good, so we stopped. Turns out it was good, and now we're a little obsessed with it. We've been there 2 other times since then! The green tea swirl with fruit on top is the best thing in the world.

After that, we found our way to Universal City Walk and Universal Studios. I've heard that City Walk is a good place to go, but I didn't really know what it was. Well, when we pulled up, we found that we had to pay $11 just to park!! That's one thing I don't think we were prepared for out here - you have to pay to park anywhere! It's a little crazy. Anyways, begrudgingly paid the money, and parked. City Walk was really cool. They had all sorts of shops - most were ones that you could find in a mall, but some were unique. They also had one of those simulated sky diving things, fountains, restaurants, and at the end was Universal Studios. Kendall particularly seemed to like it or she liked being carried in the Bjorn. Not sure which one, but she was very happy!

Really, none of this little day trip was planned. We just kind of drove, and found places. We've done that alot out here, and it's a lot of fun!


  1. tinka2:50 PM

    i think pinkberry was featured on an american express small business commercial. i could be wrong about the american express looks cool! i'm jealous. do they have one in nyc??

  2. tinka what what2:52 PM

    um, nevermind, there are 11 stores here in the city!!

  3. yeah, that's where i heard about it! also, i think they talked about it on the hills, on mtv. you should definitely check it out.

  4. I am SOOOO jealous of you! I would totally be going on the star tours and getting Pinkberry! Have you tried to get into Area yet? Or Mr. Chow??? Haha.

  5. not yet katie!! :)