Monday, September 29, 2008

A Day in the Life...

This video is really for my mom, who hasn't seen Kendall since June, and she's changed so much since then! I like this video (even though it's really long), because it shows everything that she does now - talking, singing, laughing, clapping, dancing, waving, etc.


  1. Loved watching it, but no sound. I'll play it at Trina's this weekend. She's such a little doll, like all my grandkids!

  2. Anonymous4:06 PM

    what a nice video for your mom! i enjoyed seeing kendall too. she got really tall, but other than that, still looks like the same little girl i last saw in late march. glad her fever and rash is gone. take care!

    - cara

  3. Joey loved the video and actually made me watch it twice! Kendall seems really advanced! She is only 9 months and seemed to understand so much of what you were saying like when you told her to clap, and when you said her sock fell off and she looked down. Wow!

  4. Oh, my! She is so grown up, smart, and cute! I totally agree with Megan--she seems way advanced. And happy! What a little laugher!

  5. She looks like such a fun, happy baby!!

    I loved her dancing!! too cute!!