Friday, September 26, 2008


I should've just put these in the last post, but I didn't, so here they are.

I've been wanting to post pictures of our "view," but it's very rarely clear enough to turn out for pictures.

Except last week. We had several clear days, where you could actually see Catalina Island (literally, the marine layer is so thick on most days, you would never know it was out there). So, try to block out the grocery store parking lot below, and focus on the gorgeous ocean and rare glimpse of Catalina!


  1. I was really looking forward to the Yosemite pictures...

  2. I know! It's been weeks and weeks since we've seen Catalina! I was beginning to think it fell off! :o) Unfortunately, it's hot as blazes down here, so maybe the marine layer has been helping my house stay cool?