Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

Mrs. J tagged me, but I'm pretty sure I did one of these not too long ago, so I'm asking Grant for help to come up with more quirks of mine:

1. According to my loving husband, I pick things. Like eyebrows or other little things that are out of place.

2. Another one that he tells me is that I watch MTV too much, even though I really haven't been watching it as much lately.

3. When I told him that I don't think the MTV-watching is too much of a quirk anymore, since it's minimal, and that he should probably say that my Bravo-TV-watching is worse, he said that should be number 3. I pretty much watch anything and everything on Bravo. And if you're wondering how I have so much time to watch TV, all I have to say is, thank goodness for DVR. I catch up on everything I miss at night once Kendall goes to bed.

4. I very rarely iron anything. I hate ironing, and will only bring it out if something is really, really wrinkled.

5. Another one from Grant, "I insist on people helping me with dumb online quizzes." His words, not mine.

6. I love cookies. I blogged about this a while ago, but nothing's changed. I can eat cookies all day long.


  1. Does he mean you pick at other people's eyebrows? Cuz, um...if so...I'm busy for, like, the next 3 years, or so.
    He's a good helpin' husband, alright.

  2. no, just his crazy eyebrows. don't worry, you're safe. :)

  3. About the MTV and Bravo thing - what does yo_mama do when you're watching it? Does he watch too?

  4. sometimes. if he does, then he usually complains the whole time. every now and then, something catches his attention - but that's rare.