Sunday, October 05, 2008

Great Scott!

Yesterday, we made our way up to Pasadena. The reason for our trip up there is that I found a high chair on craigslist, and that's where the people lived that were selling it. So, to make use out of our gas for driving all the way up there (it's almost an hour away), we decided to do some hiking. We've been wanting to go to Pasadena anyway, and the high chair gave us the perfect excuse!

I guess God decided that SoCal hadn't gotten enough rain recently (I don't think it's rained since we've moved here - except for a sprinkle or two), and that yesterday would be the perfect day for it to rain! So, no hiking for us. But we went to the Farmer's Market in Pasadena, which was fabulous.

Before we went up there, I wrote down the addresses for the houses used in Back To The Future from I had seen before that most of them were in Pasadena, so we made it a priority to at least find Doc Brown's house. So after the Farmer's Market, on our way to get the high chair, we found it! Apparently it's the Gamble House, previously owned by the Gamble family (of Proctor and Gamble), and is now a museum. It's absolutely gorgeous, and a perfect example of the craftsman style of architecture (which is my fave!).

We picked up the high chair, then started making our way back home. On the way, we had one more stop to make. I had watched an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the Food Network, which featured this restaurant called Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock (which is right by Pasadena) that had these awesome-looking Red Velvet cupcakes. So, we went, and I waited in a very long line (maybe 15 minutes) for 2 of these cupcakes. But they were definitely worth the wait. One of these days, maybe when we're actually able to hike, we'll have to try to eat there, because the food looked so yummy!

By the way, I hate this picture, but Grant and I were trying for the longest time to take an artsy-fartsy picture of the cupcake, and I kept telling him to not get me in the picture. Well, he did, and now he's making me post it.

We made it home, and were so inspired by Doc Brown's house that we decided to pop in Back To The Future. Since Grant didn't get to use his new camel-back-esque backpack on our hike, and didn't want to waste the water from it, he sucked it down during the movie.

And this morning, Kendall used her high chair for the very first time. I think she liked it.


  1. I loved seeing Pasadena--too bad it rained so hard! I think the cupcake picture is artsy, it's like, realist, performance art. You should add a haiku and you'll be good to go.

  2. Sorry, this is Mrs. J posing at Dotti.

  3. Gosh and golly! So much for one day! It only rained about 37 seconds down here. But it was cool and clammy all day, which was a nice alternative to last week!
    And I love the shot of Grant drinking his water -- ever the conservationist, never to waste a thing. :o)

  4. Wow, what a bargain you got! It looks brand new. And little miss Kendall looks very happy!