Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Year Ago...

A year ago today, Grant got a phone call that we never thought we would get. One of our very, very good friends from Albuquerque unexpectedly passed away.

The bad news is - we miss him dearly. But the good news (and really, it's the best news of all) is that he's with our Lord and Saviour! And, we have a TON of great memories that bring smiles to our faces instantly. He also leaves behind a legacy of what a Christian husband and father should be - I have a feeling that Grant is not the only one of the guys from our "Albuquerque group" that looked to him as an example. The same goes for Edie, and her example to all of us new moms.

I really don't know what else to say - I've been struggling to write something all day today. But Megan inspired me with her post, and she stole the picture that I was going to use, so I had to find another funny picture of Brent (which wasn't hard to do). So this is Brent, pointing out Grant's "guns."

To Edie and the kids, I just want to say that we love you and you're always in our thoughts and prayers.


  1. Renee6:49 PM

    We love Edie and the kids so much! God is wonderful!

  2. oh my goodness! look at the shirt I have on! thank you for your post! sorry i missed your call! So glad to have you as my friend!

  3. I'm so glad I stole the picture you were going to use, because your picture is awesome! How perfect that Pinky is wearing her, "I love Brent" shirt!

  4. Kelly, thanks for your comment on my post, it was really helped along by reading yours and Megan's. So thanks for sharing your thoughts today. I, too, love the picture.