Saturday, November 08, 2008

I'll be available for autographs later...

Once me and Jennie Garth make our TV debut together on Tuesday, you'll all be kissing up to me, I'm sure.

Okay, here's the explanation...

The Bonnie Hunt Show wants military spouses to be in the audience for their Veteran's Day show. The Spouses Club on base sent out an email to all of us, giving the contact information. I called - and I'm in!!! The show will be taped on Monday, and aired the next day. If you go to the website for the show, it says that Jennie Garth is the guest!!! I'm so extremely excited!!!


  1. this is soooo cool! you'll be blocks from my old house! the only taping i ever went to was American Gladiators and even though Hulk Hogan was awesome, the entire event was super boring... i wish i'd gone to jeopardy! hopefully the bonnie hunt show is better...

  2. Wow!! Now I'm thinking I should have joined the Club! :o) I hope you have tons fun!

  3. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I love Jennie Garth. I thought she was awesome on DWTS.

  4. It's Tuesday... I'd better find out when Bonnie airs so I can record it-- way cool!:)