Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well, I'm finally getting around to putting up pictures from our time in P'cola. This posting will mainly be centered around the time with Pinky and Susan came.

Susan is from the Gulf Coast, so the beaches and the scenery was nothing new for her. But Pinky had never been to this part of the South before, so we had to take her to the beach. We walked out on the pier, that I had never even been out on before (the pier I had been on got wiped out by a hurricane back in the 90's). It was a super windy day, but beautiful.

Here's a picture of me, Kendall, Pinky, her unborn wind-baby, and Susan.

This was also Kendall's first time to Pensacola Beach. She, like Pinky, was fascinated with the pretty water and the soft sand.

After the beach, we headed to a popular restaurant - McGuire's Irish Pub - for lunch. This was my favorite place to go when I lived there, and Grant would take me there every year for my birthday. All three of us got the fish & chips, which were fabulous.

Back at my parents house, Kendall liked playing with Pinky's wheels, while my niece and nephew were trying to get her attention.

And here's Susan, getting in some last-minute play-time with Kendall before her and Pinks headed back to Albuquerque.

I've said this before, but the fact that they came all the way to Pensacola during that time meant so much to all of us.


  1. That's so awesome that Susan and Pinky came to Pensacola. What amazing friends!!!

  2. love the wind baby look! I think it is a new fashion statement!

  3. I love McGuire's Pub! We would try to hit that place every few months when we were stationed at Hurlburt Field.

  4. tinkerwiththis8:03 PM

    justin and i went to mcguires on the night we got engaged!!