Friday, November 28, 2008

The 'Wood

Bright and early this morning (or, more accurately, dark and early, since it was 5 am), I braved the crowds at Target to get a $25 mixer. Thank goodness no one else seemed to want the same thing I did, because I really didn't have to deal with the crazies in the electronics department.

Later today, we hiked the Hollyridge Trail, which takes you close to the Hollywood sign. Driving through certain parts of LA, you can definitely see it, but I wanted to get close to it. So I found this website that had a very detailed explanation of how to get there, and how to follow the trail (it's actually really funny, if you read the trail description).

Driving to the trail took about 45 minutes, and as we got closer, I realized how smoggy the day was. We've been having really clear days, but this wasn't one of them.

Anyways, we got Kendall packed up in her backpack, and off we went. Right after we went up our first hill, we could see the sign. As we walked, we got closer and closer. I like how Kendall's looking at the sign in the picture with all 3 of us.

Part of the way up, hikers and horses share the trail. The smell was lovely.

Also on the trail, you could look out and see the Griffith Observatory, which really wasn't that far away. I think we'll try to hike there sometime, too. In this picture, you can kind of see the blue dome of the observatory. Like I said - smoggy day.

And if you look really closely in this picture, you can see downtown LA.

Forty five minutes was pretty accurate. It took us almost exactly that to get to the top. Once there, we were looking down on the sign, from behind. I really wish the day had been clearer, because the view would have been incredible. The sign is actually fenced off, and has security cameras all around it, so we got as close as we legally could.

It was such a cool hike, and Kendall did great - only getting cranky as we were going back down. After the hike, we went to In-N-Out Burger so all-in-all, it was a great day!


  1. Fun stuff! We backpack both our girls all over Oahu.

  2. that is a fun hike... how do you like your backpack? we're going to rent one when we go on vacation. i had to buy a mixer too (since mine is packed 10 thousand miles away) i got mine for 30 NZ$ so i got you beat! haha!