Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bonnie Hunt Show Revisited

So, back in November I mentioned how I would be in the audience of The Bonnie Hunt Show. I never mentioned it again, and was just reminded of it a couple of days ago. Grant's mom is here visiting, and we still have the show recorded, so we were showing her the episode, since she missed it when it aired. Grant was being kind of annoying, and paused it when I was on the screen and took a picture. Do you see me?

Anyways, it was SO much fun, and I hope to do something like that again! The group that I was with (there were 4 of us) got seated in pretty crappy seats (top row all the way in the far corner), but during the segment when Bonnie was in the audience, I actually made it on screen quite a bit.

We walked away with a lot of free stuff, too! They told us before the show that we would, but we didn't know what we were getting until they actually mentioned it in the taping.

The first guests were an injured Army vet and his wife, and Bonnie announced that everyone in the audience was getting a $100 Sears gift card!

Jennie Garth was out next, and she designed a reusable shopping bag, so everyone in the audience got one of those.

Then Raven-Symone was on (remember her as Olivia from the Cosby Show?). Everyone got a best-of The Cosby Show DVD, which is super cool!

I guess Raven is into crafting, because at the end they did a little craft session, and announced that everyone would also be getting a Michael's gift card for $20!

The whole experience was just really cool - I loved seeing the set, and everyone behind the scenes, and just watching everything happen. I really recommend that to anyone who's coming to LA and can fit it in their schedule. There's so many shows taping all the time, I think it's fairly easy to get on one.


  1. love that show, but haven't watched it for a while. how fun!

  2. Babe, you look like a model!

  3. Oh I was thinking about you being in the audience a while back, wondering how that went. AWESOME-- to be there and to get all the freebies. :)

  4. You're a star!! :) Or not. But still, very cool.

  5. tinkawhat what6:13 PM

    crap. all i got from the view was a home fire alarm system voucher and i'm a renter :(

  6. holy free stuff! when i get back to LA, remind me to sign up for all these shows so i can get free stuff too! ps you look so cool on tv!

  7. So cool! I went to a taping of The Price is Right when we lived there. Didn't get on and didn't get anything free!

  8. Love the free stuff! Free is my favorite word! Too cool!

  9. That's a really fun picture! Awesome freebies!