Friday, August 18, 2006

Phase 1: Rocky Mountain National Park

Well, it's time for Phase 1 of our semi-cross country trip.

Our first day, we headed off for Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. When we got there, we went straight to our campsite to set our tent up for the night. When we checked in at the campsite, the ranger told us that there had been some recent bear sightings in the area, and I immediately feared for Watley's life! Lucky for him, we didn't see any bears that night.

The next morning, we ate breakfast, packed up our camping gear, and took off for a drive around the park. We heard about Bear Lake, so we decided to go there first. It was smaller than we thought it would be, but very beautiful!Then, we drove along Trail Ridge Road. We saw some incredible scenery, and at some points, were actually above the timber line (over 11,500 feet)!

We also stopped to take some pictures of Long's Peak, which, I believe, is the highest point in Colorado.

It's really a beautiful park, and if you haven't visited it yet, we highly recommend it!


  1. Nope -- Long's Peak is perhaps the longest climb of the 14-ers in Colorado, but Mt. Elbert's the highest, over buried a bit further into Colorado. Outstanding views from the top!

  2. Melissa (sydney)5:46 PM

    Cool pics!! I hope I can travel the western states someday!

  3. yo real mama6:05 AM

    Great pictures, again! What an exciting trip--I'm so glad you all made your move this way!