Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thanks, Mrs. J!

Now I might have a new addiction, just like Mrs. J. I haven't started a blog for Watley yet, but I did enter him in the cutest pet photo contest with the following picture, taken when he was a puppy.

Now tell me, how can he not win?!

By the way, the winner gets $1,000!! Watley might actually be good for something after all.


  1. That has to be a puppy shot. Am I right?

  2. Kelly4:24 PM

    Yeah, it was right after we got him. He was SO little!

  3. pinky6:19 PM

    that is such a great picture - i checked out the previous winner and you have a great contender!

  4. I entered Una too.

  5. pinky4:54 PM

    What pic of Una did you send - oh wait! I will go find Una.