Friday, November 03, 2006

House news

Well, I just got a call from our Realtor, but let me fill you in on what happened regarding the house since I wrote last:

1. Potential buyers low-balled us, big time
2. We counter-offered $7,000 higher than their original offer
3. They countered $2,000 less than our counter
4. We stood our ground at our counter
5. They didn't take it

So, now we're officially landlords, I guess. We had another possible renter that contacted us while all this offer/counter-offer stuff was going on. He was ready to move in ASAP. Hopefully he hasn't already found something else. If he did, then there's the first people who contacted us about renting.

I would have been very happy to sell, but this is what Grant wanted after he did quite a bit of thinking about it. In fact, just last night he was saying that he wished we would've just told the buyers that we decided not to sell after all.

Either way, I'm glad that we know, and I hope we can get all this renting stuff finalized soon.


  1. yay. i think. maybe the renters will install fake grass. better known as frass.

  2. yo' real mama1:36 PM

    Ok, I just thought I prayed for you all a lot--now it begins in earnest!!! Just kidding. Renting can be great, and it can be lousy. You'll probably have a little of both, but a learning experience all around! God bless you both!! And your renters!

  3. Oh, you guys! We got mail from you today! Thank you so much! We loved the card too!

  4. Kelly3:30 AM

    Grant made the card...I thought it was very creative!