Thursday, November 16, 2006

You know you went to PCC when...

Found this list on myspace. I know most of the people who read my blog don't know too much about PCC, except for what I've told them, but I get a huge kick out of this list. Specifically, the ones I've bolded.

1. The term "prayer closet" has a negative connotation.

2. You think an evening of bowling and miniature golf is a good date.

3. The coolest thing in the world is wearing jeans on a Saturday morning.

4. You know that the worst way to end a semester isby hitch-hiking home.

5. You always wondered where really bad white basketball players went when they died.

6. You hate pilgrim outfits.

7. A suit + three church services + 100 degree heat =spring break

8. You catch yourself trying to wear a tie with a flannel shirt to work.

9. You cut your grass three times a week.

10. You think something special is about to happen when your church sings "Blessed be the Tie."

11. You will not take the elevator to your third floor office.

12. You know how to hide your car in any situation.

13. Two words: "Presidential prerogative."

14. You still get to church 30 minutes early.

15. You know that story of the "Banana-man."

16. you actually wanted your younger brother in the same room as you.

17. you are the only straight person who goes out of their way to get to a gay beach.

18. you are still afraid to record anything funny on your answering machine.

19. you have ever been severly punished for watching television.

20. you expect a day off of work after each big project.

21. you still take only one of everything.

22. you have ever paid 25 dollars to suffer severe muscle cramps from rowing a canoe for 6 hours.

23. you have a phobia about stickers on your vehicle, and you hate Crown Victorias.

24. You feel slightly violated each time you get on an elevator with a member of the opposite sex.

25. Your vacuum cleaner has a name.

26. Your neighbors have observed you closing all the blinds in your house about the same time every night.

27. You have ever borrowed a roll of toilet paper from your next door neighbor.

28. Your umbrella has a name and phone number (not necessarilyyours) permanently written in marker.

29. You have something in your home that you bought at a lost and found sale.

30. Your heart still skips a beat when your pastor tells the congregation to shake hands while the choir sings.

31. You find yourself standing in front of a vending machine with three quarters and you can't figure out what to do with them.

32. You are in bed by ten each night and wonder why you everthought lights out was too early.

33. You have a button on your car radio programmed to 89.5 FM.

34. You still place any name tag you're asked to wear"high and right."

35. You know what happens when you mix honey and coffee creamer.

36. You still buy your butter in little packets.

37. The letters DHA, DC, CPO, and PH mean something to you.

38. The word "socialed" still carries with it a bad connotation.

39. Before moving out of your first apartment, you asked your landlord for a"pre-check."

40. You know exactly how long a gallon of milk will stayfresh on ice.

41. You still abbreviate Thursday with the letter "R."

42. To this day, whenever you walk by a fountain, you have to fight an uncontrollable urge to dump a box of Tide into it.

43. You know exactly how many days there are between Labor Day and Christmas.

44. You still limit all local calls to 30 minutes.

45. You can say that you have stood in line for half an hour for a corn dog and a moon pie.

46. You have no idea what the words to the college hymn are, but you know exactly how many verses it has.

47. You have been told you cannot take a final exam because of an outstanding fifty cent library fee.

48. You know how to operate a Macintosh computer.

49. You know that the stairs in the DHA are called monumental because they are the only stairs that men and women use at the same time.

50. You know the slang term for the fountain outside of the Commons.

51. You still consider getting mail a social event.

52. You know the location of every restaurant in western Florida that has an all-you-can-eat special.

53. You yawn at the mere mention of the word "vespers."

54. You sing nearly all congregational hymns faster than the rest of your church.

55. You go to a church single's function and ask "When do we play the hand-holding games."

56. You know what the Greek word "logos" means.

57. You know who Sally, Bill, and Russ are.

58. You think it would be fun to make the new guy at work eat a goldfish.

59. You think that Bob Jones was a false prophet.

60. You have seen a preacher use a cow's tongue as a sermonillustration.


  1. That's one scary place!

  2. So funny. You have to explain the elvator to the 3rd floor thing though...?? I don't get that one.

  3. Kelly3:41 AM

    I tried explaining it to Grant, and he still didn't get it. It's definitely PCC-mindset. Okay, after chapel, alot of people had classes in the same building (the AC). It's was a 5 or 6 story building. We only had 10 minutes from the end of chapel until the beginning of class, and if you're late you get demerits. Well, everyone would pack onto the elevators. If you were a girl that took the elevator to floors out! That was just wrong! You were definitely expected to take the stairs. I think it was the same mentality in the dorms, but I only lived in the dorms one semester, so I'm not positive.

  4. wouldn't let me post before, let's try again:

    number 32 is totally me. and i really need to name my vacuum. good list. too true. it was a scary place. i still use my stories for interesting party talk...nothing about sitting down to check skirts lengths, disappointing.