Sunday, November 26, 2006


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! We took off Wednesday afternoon for New Jersey, which ended up being an 11-hour drive (which meant we arrived at the house at 1am). When we woke up on Thanksgiving (at 6am), we took off with Grant's Uncle Lee for the City to go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. If you watched the parade on TV, you'll know that it was a very cold, wet day. We were soaking wet, but we were troopers, and made it through the whole thing. It was an amazing experience!

Blogger did let me upload photos this time, but didn't put them in the order I wanted. So, to save myself some frustration, I'll leave them, and just explain as I go.

This one needs no explanation. It's Snoopy in all of his enormous glory!
Here we all are (technically the day after Thanksgiving, but the meal was just as big as the actual Thanksgiving dinner the day before. The picture's blurry, but that's Uncle Lee and Aunt Liz at either end of the table. To the right of Uncle Lee is his son, Russell, his daughter, Lisa, Lisa's son, Tommy, Aunt Liz, Lisa's husband Angelo, me, and Rusell's wife, Corinne. Got all that? Good. There will be a quiz later. There are some kids missing in this picture, but that's the best picture we have. This is Grant and Russell, playing Polly Pocket with Russell's daughter, Alethia (who is the cutest, sweetest 2nd cousin anyone could ever have!).
Here I am in Times Square, right after the parade finished. Oh, it rained pretty much through the whole parade, but stopped when the parade was over...go figure!
Here we are trying to keep dry, without much success, during the parade.

I'll post more pictures later of our other adventures, so stay tuned.


  1. That's so cool that you got to go to New York for the parade! (Although, I have to admit that I watched it on TV wondering what kind of people would suffer through the cold and wet with a mob of other people to see a parade. ;) Now I know!)

  2. If we didn't think this was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, trust me, we wouldn't have been out there. But I don't see us going up there again during Thanksgiving anytime soon. Plus, we had driven so long to get there, a little rain wasn't going to stop us! :)

  3. you were about an hour from us. sheesh. thanks for the call. oh wait, we were still sleeping at home when it're off the hook this time.