Friday, February 27, 2009

Close Call

Our dog, Watley, is not the brightest dog around. In fact, sometimes, he's just plain dumb. He has his smart moments, but those are becoming few and far between. But that's okay - he's a great dog, and we love him!

I've never been so proud of his "dumbness" than last night. We were closing up shop, getting ready to go to bed, and Grant let Watley out. All the sudden, I hear Grant say, "Oh no! There's a skunk!" I was just thinking he saw a skunk in the distance, but it turns out, the skunk was maybe 5-10 feet away. Now, back in Ohio, skunks were everywhere. Especially where we lived. There was rarely a night when we didn't smell one. Our neighbors warned us about this soon after we moved in, because they're dogs had been sprayed by a skunk not too long before, and they told us all the gory details of getting the smell out, and how tomato juice doesn't really work, and how their whole house smelled of it. This was ingrained in us, and we've never wanted to deal with it! Especially at 10:30 at night, when we're already so tired!

Well, Grant and I were standing by our door (with it closed for obvious reasons), watching the skunk while Watley was doing his thing. When it seemed Watley was done, Grant quietly opened the door and started calling Watley in. He was really close to the skunk at this time, but was completely oblivious. If he had seen the skunk, and started barking, it would all be over! And really, what dog wouldn't at least smell another animal in such close proximity! And to go even further, that skunk was pretty dumb himself, because here we are, opening and closing a door that needs oiling, and calling our dog, and yet it never seemed to notice us.

So he got in, and no one got sprayed! I was so relieved, because honestly, I didn't think there was anyway Watley could come inside without get sprayed. He might not be all that bright, but that's okay with us.


  1. Seriously close call! I'm glad for ALL of you that Watley isn't that bright! :o)
    Also - I love your new blog design. Very fresh and springy!

  2. You aren't kidding about ol' Fern Court! Ryan had a close encounter early one morning when leaving for a TDY! He screamed and jumped back inside the house!