Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cool LA

We've had quite the rainy past few days here in LA. Rainy and windy. Well, the other night, when Grant came home from work, he told me to go up to the basketball courts to look out over the city and see how much snow got dumped on the mountains.

The basketball courts are up the street from our house, maybe 200 yards, and they're on top of this hill, so it's a great lookout spot.

So, I grabbed my sweatshirt (because it was COLD!) and my camera, and off I went.

This first picture I think is cool, because downtown LA is perfectly lit up by the setting sun. Oh, and downtown LA is probably about 30 miles away from us. In the foreground is lovely San Pedro.

These next pictures show the snow covered mountains. This is by far the most snow we've seen on these mountains yet! Makes me want to go snowboarding so bad! Closer in, you can see the Vincent Thomas bridge, which connects San Pedro to Long Beach, and goes over the Port of LA.

This last picture, you can see Downtown Long Beach.


  1. guys have an amazing view!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! So glad you put these up, it helps us flatlanders keep things in perspective! Great pictures.

  3. who would have thought i'd be homesick for smog?