Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another great weekend

Well, like I said, we were planning on going pumpkin picking this weekend with our neighbors. We did, but I have to say, I wasn't that impressed with the patch. Maybe it was because it was the last weekend they were having this thing, but the pumpkin patch was pretty pathetic.
We had fun, anyway, and we each found our own, perfect pumpkin. Mine had a little dimple in it, that I like to call it's belly button.

After the pumpkins, we each went our own way, and Grant and I decided to walk around Yellow Springs (this is where I work, and also where the dairy farm is that we got our pumpkins from).
Yellow Springs is our own little Santa Fe - kinda quirky, with alot of hippies, and other types of "unusual" people. But we loved Santa Fe, and so far, we love Yellow Springs.

Later that night, we had another front yard campfire, where we had Grant's made-from-scratch pumpkin pie (which was fantastic!), and Daiquiri's (one of our neighbors) homemade apple cider.

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  1. SixBit8:23 PM

    I thought Grant was in graduate school. Is AFIT Florida St. North - doesn't he have any homework?